7 Stages To Selling More With John Barrows

7 Stages To Selling More With John Barrows
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Today’s Kill The Cold Call™ podcast episode is with John Barrows. I first came across John’s work on the Forbes.com Top 30 Social Sales Influences list.

If you do sales in a SAAS or technology company, this is a great episode to consume. John specializes specifically in working with SAAS and other technology companies, helping their sales’ teams sell more. Some of his clients include Salesforce, LinkedIn, Marketo, Dropbox, and the list goes on.

If you do sales in an industry other than technology, you’ll find a lot of this material golden too.

Here’s some tactical tidbits you can look forward to on this call:

• John speaks about the importance of knowing your metrics at each stage (ie. dials, meetings, closes, etc.) to hit your overall sales targets. What John calls, ‘Know Your Equation’,
• Learn how he applies a common marketing concept to his sales prospecting called ‘split testing’ to determine through data which approaches yield the better results,
• If you have difficulty with getting prospects interested when you get them on the phone, he shares how to introduce ‘attention grabbers’ in your language,
• John shares how to enhance your elevator pitch and what to do when someone says after you deliver it, ‘Tell me more…”
• Learn the biggest mistakes people make in meetings and presentations and how to get better in those environments,
• Learn how to overcome over-promising in a sales setting and have more confidence and success during the negotiation stage.

As I mention in the intro, John is a giver at heart so there’s likely over 50 tactics (although I didn’t count personally) throughout. Enjoy the episode:

Episode notes:

1. Some of the software John mentioned during the episode he finds useful to facilitate better selling are Google Alerts, Inside View, and Tout App.
2. You may connect with John on LinkedIn and Twitter.
3. John launched a new training app for salespeople called Sales From The Streets.

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