Do you feel like some people have figured out the web and are reaping the rewards? They are.

My name is Andrew Schiestel, and I help those in professional services and B2B product sales become these people.

My professional experience informed much of this work. I’ve performed sales for nearly 15 years, 12 of which were in both a professional services and B2B environment. I’ve made a lot of cold calls too. They are fine in some circumstances but, no, they aren’t best in many sectors; there is a better way.

On top of my sales experience, I’m a professional digital marketer. Exactly 20 years ago, I built my first website – fifteen years old at the time – and today, one of my roles is President at tbk Creative – a multi-million dollar web design and digital marketing agency.

It’s the collision of these two worlds that matter with this topic: sales and marketing.

In most companies, these two areas are separate, and in some industries (e.g., retail) that still makes sense. But in professional services and B2B product sales, the sales professional maintains the direct relationships with customers while also is the product / service expert. For instance, a law firm may have marketing personnel, but it’s the lawyers who have the direct relationships with clients and are subject matter experts. If they can harness the web, rewards will follow. Many don’t know how to though, and that’s where Kill The Cold Call™ comes in.

With two decades of experience, I’ve built a methodology that works. It’s assisted me with some of these accomplishments:

  • tbk Creative is an agency with 28 staff members and 18 international digital marketing awards;
  • A company I co-founded, AODA Online, gained over 1,000 leads without outreach;
  • Using Facebook, a $100,000 (exactly) sale was made;
  • Using Reverse IP, a $67K sale was made;
  • Formerly, I served as President (Chair) of the London Chamber of Commerce;
  • A Canadian House of Commons committee requested me to provide witness testimony on the country’s anti-spam legislation (CASL);
  • Articles on business that I’ve written have been published in some of Canada’s foremost publications, including The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail and The London Free Press.

I’m passionate about how professionals can increase sales using the web and I’d like to help you.

If you want to learn more, poke around the website – there’s probably articles or videos that can help. I also regularly send out lessons and ideas by email. Here’s where you can subscribe.

And reach out anytime. I want you to make more.