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Andrew Schiestel is a technology and marketing entrepreneur. He's the President at tbk Creative, a web design and digital marketing agency with 29 staff members. His largest sale from Facebook is $100,000 and largest sale from Reverse I.P. is $67,080. He trains professionals on how to use the web to make more. His business articles have been published in The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, and The London Free Press.


Most people in professional services are dissatisfied with the amount of interactions that occur with their social content. Often, only one attribute is missing. This…

URL Length

Many wonder how long to make the URLs on their website. This 7-minute video provides an answer.   As cited in the video here is…

Promise Statement

Many companies have brand statements that are ineffective. This video introduces what a Promise Statement is and how to create one. Transcript Hi, everybody. My…

Above The Fold

In this video, five elements are shared to put above the fold of professional services and B2B product company websites to enhance brand impact and…

Better Service Pages

An observation was made when reviewing 20 random professional services websites: 35% had elements that are known to build third-party credibility on the homepages, yet…