How I Made A $67,080 Sale With Reverse IP Lookup

How I Made A $67,080 Sale With Reverse IP Lookup
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Last year, I made a $67,080 sale using a web analytics feature called reverse IP lookup.

This article is going to describe more about what reverse IP lookup is and how I utilized it to make this sale.

Let’s begin with what reverse IP lookup is:

Reverse IP lookup is a web analytics module that lets you view which companies visit your website (it matches their IP address to their corporate name).

It can be accessed right within your Google Analytics. There’s also paid software that offers this tool amongst other marketing automation features. Some include Visitor Queue [Affiliate Link], Marketo, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and Pardot.

So, if you log into the application that monitors your reverse IP lookup each day, you’ll see new companies that have previously visited your website.

This can be a gold mine of data for B2B salespeople and marketers. Pound for pound, phoning a reverse IP lead should produce a higher return than a cold call because the reverse IP lead has already been to your website. This may signal they are in the market, or will be soon, for products or services you offer.

Here’s how I used this technology to generate a $67,080 sale last year:

In 2013, I began monitoring and taking action on reverse IP lookup data more frequently for one of my companies, tbk Creative.

One day, I called a group that had showed up in my reverse IP lookup log.

The receptionist picked up, and I said, “Hello, I run a company that does web design and digital marketing. We monitor our web analytics, and I noticed someone from your business was on our website recently. Do you know if your company is initiating a web design project soon?”

This was one of the first calls I ever made with this method (yes, I was a bit nervous!), so I didn’t really know the type of response I would get.

Her response was, “Oh, okay. Let me forward you to our COO.”

I was surprised how smoothly that went.

Seconds later, the COO picks up. So I said, nearly verbatim, the same thing I said to the receptionist. He said, “Yes. Let me forward you to Blake. He’s our Director of Marketing and he’s overseeing that project.”

I received Blake’s voicemail and left a message. He didn’t call back. I called about a month later and left another voicemail. He still didn’t call back. I let it be at this point.

About two months later, I was going through my CRM and came across the account again, so I called Blake (for the third time) and he picked up. I explained why I was calling and Blake responded, “Oh great, thanks for the call. Yes, we are doing a website project soon. Want to meet for lunch and discuss it?”

From there we met over lunch, discussed the project, my company submitted a proposal and we won the contract in a competitive tender against a host of other web design firms vying for the business.

In Conclusion

While the science and art of selling is a mix of courage, persistence (it took three calls until Blake picked up), matching the right product/service for the buyer and caring about your clients’ success, reverse IP lookup is a tool that can assist on your way to selling success.

Are you going to start using reverse IP lookup in your social selling?

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