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An observation was made when reviewing 20 random professional services websites: 35% had elements that are known to build third-party credibility on the homepages, yet on the service pages, this inclusion precipitously dropped to 15%.

Here’s a 5-minute video explaining the observation and what to change about your service pages to generate more leads.



Hello everybody.

My name is Andrew Schiestel. The theme for the conversation today is—and it’s a statement—don’t give up on your services page.

I’m doing a lot of research right now on different professional services companies—so, lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, Realtors, engineers, architects, etc., etc., financial planners. The list goes on. So, I’m doing a whole bunch of different research projects. There was an interesting observation that I made today that I want to share with you, because it might make a difference in how your website performs in generating leads. So, one of the things that’s important when developing a website in professional services or B2B product sales is you want that main page to have created credibility for your organization.

You can oftentimes do this through a third-party credibility, things like listing awards, clients that you’ve worked with, associations that you’re part of, testimonials, prominent mentions in the media. So, that’s important, and that’s probably fairly obvious. There were 20 websites that I analyzed today partly from that perspective, and only 35% of those websites actually mentioned one of those five things.

It gets a little bit more bleak.

And this is the purpose of the video today. When I went to the services page… Because there was 20 of them, I went to the first services page that I saw. A company might have eight. I clicked on whichever one made sense to click on. It wasn’t really premeditated in that I didn’t click around and pick one; I actually picked on the first one and included that in the statistic. So, what I found was that whereas 35% of those websites had at least one element to establish third-party credibility on the home page, only 15% of those same websites had one of those elements to establish third-party credibility on a service page. It was almost as if when a user was getting to the service pages the company didn’t think it actually had a great credibility anymore. That might have been because it’s presumed that third-party credibility is established already perhaps. I don’t know. Each person would have to be interviewed to really determine that.

It’s recommended that on your service pages you’re still adding elements to create third-party credibility, and there are some reasons for that. Someone might land on your services page as a landing page. They might not go to the home page first. Someone might go to your home page and not actually scroll down and see some of the elements. They might not see the awards. They might not see the client testimonial or the prominent mention in the media, etc. They might get to your website, read that part, but it’s close in their mind on which vendor they’re going to reach out to. So, then, reading about your services page, and they’re constantly, consciously and subconsciously, forming an opinion in that moment. So, every little bit you can do helps. So, that’s a recommendation. On your services pages add elements to create third-party credibility there.

How is your website going? I encourage you to go take a look. If you see opportunities to add things like awards that you’ve won. Testimonials is very useful in those moments, people that have actually used your services, clients that you’ve worked with that have received benefits from your services, listing them. So, again, the elements are testimonials, awards that you’ve won, prominent mentions in the media, associations that you’re part of, clients that you’ve worked with. I hope today’s conversation is useful. I hope it benefits your business. If you have any questions, comments, anything to say, please leave the note below. I read them. I’ll try to get back to you. I always love to hear from you, and I love to engage in this conversation. All right. Have a great one.

I’ll talk to you later.

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